Demolition is our company's forte. It is an area in which our qualified and safety trained staff excels.  We use methods to protect the environment surrounding the job-site. 


We take measures to ensure the safety of neighboring properties by using  accepted shoring and other methods specified by the various county and city authorities.


It is our mission to always protect the safety of the public and our employees. 

Grading & Earth Work

Our overlot grading projects have a varied range in size starting from 50,000 cy. We succeed by placing skilled, motivated operators in well-maintained, equipment and then managing them efficiently.

We have participated in the construction of large developments in Denver, Arvada, Aurora, Westminster, etc. 

Excavation & Backfill

Our company specializes in digging basements for residential custom homes.  Since the company was established we have dug thousands of custom home basements in the Denver Metro area i.e. Washington Park, Observatory Park, Denver University area, Crestmoore, Highlands, etc.

We are equipped to perform quality backfill.  The importance of quality basement backfill can affect the entire project for years to come, and we’re committed to performing the highest quality work. We have more than 25 years experience in backfill, grading, and compaction.

Our crews are not only knowledgeable about the expansive soils and clays in the Denver metro area (including bentonite), but understand how to handle the challenges of these types of soils.


After a foundation or slab has been poured or placed, we backfill around the foundation, water and compact the soil using handheld tampers and equipment with shaker heads to achieve the necessary compaction level.


For more information on our backfill, grading, and compaction services or to request a bid, please call 303.467.3366.

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